Sunday, 4 June 2017

Take day later.

Had set my alarm for 4.00am.  Finally after Friday's hiccup, I'm finally leaving for Canada!!!!  Left for the airport at 5.00am as I had to be at the airport three hours before my departure at 9.25am.  Didn't know if there would be any roadworks on the Tulla so I'd rather arrive earlier with time to spare than be running around like a madman.

No roadworks thankfully and a short queue to check in for the flight.  Now to kill two hours!  Went to  a bar and had coffee and waited for other family members to arrive to bid me adieu.  Close to 8.00am, I was getting a bit antsy and I wanted to go through and clear Customs etc because the lines tends to be long there too.  Breezed through no issues.

No flight is enjoyable, whether it is a long or short one.  I just want to get to my destination.

Meals were OK and I amused myself by watching Criminal Minds on my iPad.  Tried to sleep but can't exactly get comfortable.

Landed at Los Angeles, cleared Immigration, collected my bags (even though they were checked through to Vancouver) and dumped them at the baggage drop off.  After sitting for 15 hours, I had to walk to the next terminal, which was about 10 minutes away, plus I needed fresh air.  Was hanging out for a coffee, so found the nearest Starbucks, stocked up on US trash mags then made myself comfortable waiting for my onward flight to Vancouver.

Actually started to get a little emotional when walking through "the gates" as I'm used to having someone to greet us...just not this time :'(.

I must say, Vancouver Airport is....WOW!  Shits over Melbourne (they're renovating international departures....AGAIN!).  LAX was also undergoing renovations too, so nothing flash there.

Was going to train it to my accommodation but with two heavy suitcases (both nudged the limit of 23kg!), I caught a cab instead.  Enjoyed the sights as they whizzed past and the sun was out, was absolutely glorious weather!

Unfortunately my room wasn't ready yet, but I was able to leave my bags and I could go exploring somewhat and to try and stay away to keep the jet lag at bay.

Checked out one of the shopping strips, Robson Street.  I made it as far as the IGA so being a supermarket, naturally I had to go check it out!  It was more to compare prices to back home, see what I couldn't get back home and pick up a few supplies like water and coughchocolatebarscough.

Finally made to my room and went to lie down for an hour as fatigue was started to hit....woke up three hours later!  Oops!  Lucky the sun sets very late here, after 10.00pm.

Feeling refreshed, I went out exploring again, so whilst still light, found my way down to Gastown to see the famous steam clock and look around the shops there.  It's a very popular strip with restaurants and bars amongst the many souvenir shops.  Found my way down to Canada Place, which is where the cruise ship terminal is.

As it was getting late and I had yet to have dinner (TBH, I didn't know what I felt like), walked back to my hotel and decided to go to Boston Pizza.  I was able to get a half serve of a main, which would allow me to have dinner tonight and the following night, as there was a little kitchenette a few doors down from my room.

After a shower, my head finally hit the pillow at around 11.00pm.

Tomorrow I start exploring Vancouver properly.

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