Friday, 2 June 2017

Friday 3rd June...leaving tomorrow...or so I thought.

The time had come where I was finally going to leave for Canada, six months after booking.

Or so I thought

I was on my way to see Geelong v Adelaide play at Simonds Stadium.  Went early so we could have a bite to eat...and then I got a text from United Airlines, stating that my flight tomorrow morning was cancelled due to mechanical issues.  Although I was confused as the text was saying my flight from Sydney to San Francisco was cancelled, which was not my flight.

So I called UA to try and find out exactly what was going on...except no one was there, despite it being a 24/7 service.  Not Happy Jan.  Then I thought I would try Melbourne Airport and the agent couldn't really help me, but she was going to transfer me to UA but I told her that I got a recorded message.  She too said herself it should be a 24/7 service.  So transferred and again, recorded message.

Inside I'm confused, frustrated and upset.

So I had no choice but to call UA in the United States.  After close to one hour between speaking to someone and being transferred and being put on hold, I was given two options, neither of which were really suitable but what could I do?

Option 1 (and if I heard correctly): Fly to Sydney from Melbourne then onto San Francisco on Saturday but as there were no other flights going that day, I'd either have been stuck in Sydney for the night or San Francisco.  As I said, I didn't understand the agent properly.

Option 2: Depart on Sunday as I would have on Saturday.

Either way, I'd lose a day in Vancouver.

On the upside, I managed to get upgraded to Economy Plus, which gave me that little bit of extra leg room.

So until Sunday....ciao.

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