Thursday, 8 June 2017

Days 5 & 6: Whistler.


Waking up, I looked out the window to see it was raining.  Noo!!!  I didn't come prepared for rain, meaning I had no umbrella.  Luckily I was able to borrow one from the front desk.

I did want to walk to the bus terminal (20 mins) but seeing as it was raining, train it was.  Only had to go one stop but it was quicker.  Picked up my morning coffee from Starbucks then went to the bus terminal.  Departed at 7.30am and it rained the entire trip to Whistler 😢, so not much to really see out the windows.  I snoozed a bit...what else could I do, plus buses somehow do that.  Must be the gentle rocking?

Arrived just before 10.00am.  Found my way to my accommodation for the night.  Unfortunately, room wasn't ready yet, so again left my bag then went to have a look around Whistler Village, despite the rain.

Through the mist and rain, I could see the snow still on the mountains.  Whilst at Whistler, I want to do the Peak 2 Peak Gondola.  As today's weather is up to shit, hopefully tomorrow will be better, otherwise I don't know what I'd do.  No point in going up to the top if you can't see anything, right?

I don't know how many laps I did in the rain of the village to kill time before checking in.  I thought there would be more?

Returned to hotel and was able to properly check in.  I had booked a Crystal Single room and was somehow upgraded to a Crystal King the bed was MASSIVE!!!  Unfortunately I didn't have a view but dammit who cares, I had a huge arse bed and a shower all to myself (at the YWCA in Vancouver, I was sharing with the next room).

Was again undecided what I wanted for dinner as I didn't want to venture too far.  Ended up at the Old Spaghetti Factory downstairs.  I was able to order a kids pasta and salad.  Even that meal was huge for a kid.  Managed about half of both.

As I only had a thin jacket, that wouldn't suffice for up top so bought a windcheater.  Even though I did bring a thermal skivvy and my fleece tights, a thin jacket just wasn't going to cut it in the cold.

I did plan on going out again to check out the Village all lit up but it was cold, still raining and as the sun goes down late, I couldn't be arsed waiting.

Showered then chilled for the evening and prayed tomorrow's weather would be better, especially for P2P.


SUNSHINE!!!  Yay, so happy to look out my window and see sunshine.  I didn't dress completely as I didn't want to overheat prior to going up to P2P.  Bought my ticket then went to get my morning Starbucks and waited for the gondola to open.  It was about 7deg in the village.

Made it to the top and had to get properly dressed as it was a little bit chilly, probably around 2deg.  But wow.....what a spectacular view.  Sun was out so everything looked amazing.  Went inside to get a hot chocolate to warm up a bit and in just 15 minutes, the fog had rolled in and made everything look dreary.  Lucky that moved on quickly and it was back to sunshine.  Was going to walk a trail but it was a bit slushy and I didn't have proper footwear and didn't have any spare shoes with me in case I got soaked.

Made my way back down the mountain then decided on lunch.  Lots to choose from but couldn't go past El Furniture Warehouse, where EVERYTHING on the menu is $4.95.  For me, that's a bargain and how could I pass that up?!  Ordered a burger and fries.  Fries were meh and the burger was OK, although I could only manage half.  What do you expect for $4.95.

Still had a bit of time to kill before my bus back to Vancouver left at 4.30pm, so bought a few more souvenirs.

Arrived back in Vancouver at around 7.30pm and returned to my room....and did the washing.  Fun!  Killed time by watching Criminal Minds.

I wasn't look forward to repacking the suitcase but had to be done.  The pink one remained untouched but my black one had to be rejigged to fit the few things I bought.  Dunno why, but I had to extend it to ensure everything fit.

My week in Vancouver, alone, has come to an end as tomorrow, I'll be flying to Edmonton and will be staying with my cousin and his family for three weeks.

I was scared about travelling alone, as I'd never done so before but surprisingly, I did well.  Did feel a bit lonely at times, especially when sightseeing as I'm used to having other family with me but I couldn't exactly sit in my hotel room all day/night by myself, could I?

Could I travel alone again?  Possibly but I always prefer to travel with others to share the experience, as it's more fun.

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