Sunday, 11 June 2017


Thankfully the rain had stopped overnight as we were off to Banff.  Cute little town and busy.  Would look amazing with the snow.

As my cousin has done the gondola several times, I went up alone.  Unfortunately it was a bit of a wait, so I went to get my coffee and wait whilst my cousin went to wash the car and do a few things whilst waiting for me.

Once again, another spectacular view from the top.  Was chilly, so luckily I bought a jacket in Banff which kept me toasty warm along with my windcheater.

Had a light lunch at a local eatery as we were saving ourselves for dinner at the Magpie and Stump.  Now with a name like that, one would think that maybe it was Aussie food but no...Mexican.

Did a bit of souvenir shopping then headed off to dinner.  Was able to sample a beer as I was curious as to what it tasted like.  I had a Stanley Park Sun Setter Summer Ale, which smelt like peaches and had a slight peach taste.  Different but it was yum.  Unfortunately I was able to have a full mason jar of the sample size, so ended up with a 250ml glass and my cousin settled for a 1lt mason jar of beer.  Can't remember which he picked.

The food was, once again (sorry folks!), delicious.  Even though we were full to the brim (I blame the damn beer!), neither of us could resist a Beaver Tail, as my cousin had never had one.  I had the Maple and he had the Cinnamon Sugar.  He devoured the tail like there was no tomorrow and promptly went back for a second, this time Lemon and Sugar.  We were already making our way back to our hotel when he decided he wanted a third, so I had to do a few laps so he could get his third tail.  the lady there laughed at him.  Surely no one goes back three times in the space of a few minutes?!?!

Leaving early tomorrow as we're heading home with stops at Lake Louise and the Columbia Ice Fields.

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  1. Yep I can see myself eating 3 beaver tails. I wish I had one right now...

    Actually a summer ale beer would be nice too. :)