Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Additional photos

Good morning all,

Finally gotten around to sorting through my 1200+ photos and managed to pick some of the best ones.

They can be viewed here: Canada Photos


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Going home :`(

Well my time in Canada has come to an end and it's time for me to head home.  Leaving for Edmonton to stay overnight so it's not a mad rush if we were to leave Friday...

...but not before baking Potica on Wednesday.  Despite not having a grinder to grind the walnuts, I had to make do with a smoothie maker LOL.  This was the first time I made Potica without mum next to me to guide me.  I think I did alright.  Everyone ate it, so it can't have been that bad, right?!

Going to miss everyone.  It's taken me almost eight years to get to Canada and I hope it won't take me that long to go back.  Aiming to return in July 2019.  This time I'll time things much better to celebrate Canada Day, see the Calgary Stampede and experience A Taste of Edmonton, a massive food festival and of course, see all the family again.

Had to do a bit of last minute shopping and a few returns, so was running around like a headless chicken, but not before we grabbed lunch at the Italian Centre Shop outside WEM....delicious Italian food.  Sadly no room for time.

With all the shopping, I ended up having to buy another bag, so I had four in total.  I knew one extra bag would be $200CAD but thankfully, the check in staff allowed me to take the fourth bag for nothing.  I was so thankful and relieved.

Was a long flight home with very tight connections, but made it back home to a very cold Melbourne.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

BBQ and Jasper

Was a perfect evening for a family BBQ, kind of an unofficial welcome/farewell party for me I guess.

Seeing as it was kind of my last weekend to sightsee, tomorrow we are heading to Jasper.  Perfect weather with a top of 30°C.  Hired a bike and cycled to Maligne Lake.  Absolutely beautiful scenery.

By the time we got back to GC, it was well after midnight.

Friday, 16 June 2017


After a few days settling into Grande Cache, we went to Edmonton for the weekend for a graduation and shopping.  Edmonton is four hours from GC.

After a few pit stops, checked into the hotel and got ready for the graduation.

Nothing like a bit of Dumb and Dumber whilst getting ready LOL

Was a fun night with three tables full of family and friends.  Was a great to meet other members of the family.

 The following day we hit up West Edmonton's so big I only saw a tiny bit of it.  Went kinda crazy shopping.  How was I going to fit everything in the two suitcases I came with?  I'll worry about that when it comes time to packing for the journey home.

After a long day shopping, it was pizza and beer night in the hotel.

Heading back tomorrow back to GC.

Monday, 12 June 2017


Didn't really get much of a sleep in.  After breakfast, I unloaded the suitcase.  Whilst I had everything packed in those cells, using a wardrobe and draws is much easier.

As the sun was out after a few days of rain, sat outside whilst I watch my cousin, Julia, play and chase the dogs and cat.

Kinda just chilled out for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately as my cousin and his wife work during the day, our little day trips are limited to the weekends and without a car, I can't get too far on my feet LOL.

At least I'll be saving some money, right?!  Stupid me looked at my bank balance...oops!  Oh well, that's what holidays are for, right?!?!