Monday, 5 June 2017

Day 2 - Granville Island and Stanley Park.

After a restful nights sleep, I woke up and had my breakfast which I picked up from IGA yesterday, iced coffee and a mini croissant.

Found my way down to the False Creek Ferry dock and waited for the ferry ($4.50 one way) to take me to Granville Island, which is a peninsula and shopping district known for its public market, brewery and artist community.

I loved browsing the fresh produce area and of course, the sweets.  All looked absolutely delicious.  I was tempted to buy the Nainamo Bar but I somehow resisted.

After the market, I explored the rest of the area, filled with other little stores.  I was trying to kill time before lunch, as it had been recommended to me to go to The Keg, which is where I had my first Canadian beer, a Molson.  Wasn't bad if I do say so myself (me, the beer connoisseur lol).

After lunch, I caught another ferry to take me across to the Aquatic Centre so I could catch a bus to take me to Stanley Park.  I must say, public transport in Vancouver is a breeze.

I had plans to walk the Seawall but was confused about the distance LOL....I read somewhere it was 9km, then somewhere I saw 27km....the latter of which I found out later was 27km of forest trails within the park....hey, gimme a break, I still have jet lag!  Any who, I walked a bit of the Seawall then took a forest trail to Second Beach, walked to Third Beach then backtracked.

Once again, the weather was perfect with the sunshine out all day.

Caught a bus to take me half way to the city then walked around another shopping area with Nordstrom, Old Navy and the like being in the area, so had a quick look around to see if any worthy bargains.  Not at Nordstrom but ON had some good deals...but need to refrain from shopping as I have no luggage space currently, as I have a suitcase full of gifts for family, which once offloaded...hello shopping!

Time for a coffee to perk me up so I thought I'd check out Tim Hortons.  I heard the donuts there are delish so naturally, I had to try one.  Decided on a "latte" and I had a maple was, well, I've had better but the donut certainly made up for that.  Yum yum yum!

Back to my room and had the rest of my dinner from last night.  Showered and early bed as tomorrow I'm off to Grouse Mountain and Lynn Canyon.

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