Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Day 3: Grouse Mountain and Lynn Canyon.

Good morning folks!  Exploring Vancouver continues and today I'm checking out Grouse Mountain and Lynn Canyon.  Took a ferry then a bus to get me to Grouse Mountain.  Once again, the sunshine was out.  I was so excited that I was going to see snow!!!!  Bought my ticket then caught the Skyride  to the top, taking in the sights as I ascended.  Had a bit of a look around the bottom of the mountain then caught another chairlift to the very top.  What a spectacular view.  Despite there being snow, it wasn't cold.  Had another look around, took a few photos then went back down.

Found my way to the bear habitat and hiding between the trees was a bear!  A real life bear.  Unfortunately s/he was sleeping but I finally saw a bear!  I could hear the lumberjack show going on, so made my way down there to watch a "competition" between two "lumberjacks".   Was a funny show, plus one of the "lumberjacks"......hello!

After the show, I went and got a Beaver Tail.  No, I didn't eat roadkill!  It's kinda like a churro meets donut meets pastry.  I settled on plain old cinnamon sugar (other flavours include Lemon and Sugar, Nutella, Salted Caramel and of course, Maple).  Once again, delicious!

Even though I have not really had much to eat, everything I have been having has been delicious LOL.  What can I say, I love my food 😆.

After Grouse Mountain, caught another bus to take me to Lynn Canyon.  I chose LC over Capilano Suspension Bridge as LC was free, whereas CSB had an entry fee.  I'm not being a tightarse with my money, but I'll take free things over paid things where I can and according to folks on Trip Advisor, LC is just as good as CSB.

The LC Suspension Bridge sits 50t above the bottom of the canyon.

There are signs everywhere through the park, warning of black bears.  Thankfully I didn't see any otherwise I'm sure I would have pooped by pants.

After the bridge, there were two paths: Twin Falls Loop and then Thirty Foot Pool Loop.  Did TFL then the TFPL.  There were a lot of people dipping their toes in the water, so of course I did too.  It was FREEZING!  My feet were turning red from icy cold water.  Dried off and walked a bit further to the Thirty Foot Pool and there were people swimming there.  Maybe they were used to the cold water?!  Anywho, the water was a spectacular green colour.

Then I looked up.....dreaded stairs to get back to the top.  I should be used to them, seeing as we did so many walks through Hawaii and a shitload of stairs, but I still hate them.  No option really, is there?!

Time to head back to the City, so waited for the bus to take me back to the ferry terminal.  Decided on Whole Foods for dinner.  It was way down the other end of my hotel and a decent walk.  I wanted to take a bus but all of them were full.  Bought enough so I'd have enough for dinner tomorrow night.  Ended up walking as again, every bus was full.  At least I'm getting my FitBit steps in!

I was yet to decide what I'm going to do tomorrow as I had done the main things I wanted to see.  I'm sure there are a lot more things to see and do in and around Vancouver but losing a day threw a spanner in the works.  Oh well, I'll decide tomorrow.

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